Regulations of selection of new Program Committee for PLNOG conference

Regulations of selection of new Program Committee for PLNOG conference

I. Nomination are going to be accepted until 15.02.2016 inclusive.

II. One person is allowed to nominate only one person (order of nomination decides).

III. The nominated person is going to be taken into consideration only if he/she attended PLNOG conference before

IV. Every nomination is going to be accepted via mail (nominating and nominated)

V. After receiving the confirmation via email, the nominated person must confirm whether he/she accepts the nomination (also in case of autonomination)

VI. Nominations are accepted only via registration form

VII. The choice is made through voting of PLNOG community

VIII. The election is divided into following steps:

                  1. 10 people with the highest amount of votes will be selected for the second round (In case of having more than 10 people with equal amount of votes, current Advisory board is given the right to select 10 people based on their own judgement)
                  2. the selected people have 2 minutes for presenting on stage why should they become a part of the Committee and presenting their proposal of program changes.
                  3. final voting is going to take place during the PLNOG16 conference, where all attendees can participate.
                  4. one person can vote once only
                  5. the official voting rules will be presented before the conference - the information will be available in the planner and Eventory app
                  6. voting is going to take place during both days of the conference, until 3 PM of the second day of the conference.
                  7. it is forbidden to vote for yourself
                  8. Advisory Board members are not allowed to vote (exception point no.1)

IX. The results will be presented during the closing ceremony, and the new Committee will be announced.

X. The Committee mandate starts on the day after conference, and lasts for a full year until the selection of the new Committee.