Martijn Leentjes
Resolve Systems

Martijn Leentjes, Sales Director Northern Europe for Resolve Systems since January 2016, has a passion for innovative technologies and solutions which make a striking impact. Kick-starting operations in new territories for vendors has been Martijn’s focus after graduation as a MSc in Marketing & Strategy from the University of Warwick (UK). In his previous role with Aerohive Networks, Martijn supported the organisation’s introduction into Northern Europe making it a prime contender to the familiar incumbents in the mobility networking industry. At Resolve Systems he is focussed on doing that once again. The incident resolution process has seen limited developments since first introduced. Existing solutions are incapable of addressing the full scope of today’s relentless “anytime-everywhere” technological advancements and the type of incidents these bring. Exciting times have arrived and Martijn is keen to introduce Northern Europe and Poland within it at the PLNOG16 with Resolve – THE system which will accelerate your incident resolution for all types of incidents in customer care, network, and IT operation centers. Let’s put profit back on the bottom-line.