Johnny Hedlund
Waystream AB

Johnny Hedlund, Chief Executive Officer Johnny has a MSc. in Computer Science from Luleå University.
He has worked in numerous management positions over the last 15 years in companies such as Allgon and Sony Ericsson. Prior to joining PacketFront Systems in 2006, Johnny was the VP of Development at Powerwave Technologies. In 2012, he assumed the role as CEO of the business unit company PacketFront Network Products with a focus on access technology for FTTH. Together with PacketFront co-founder Stefan Tegenfalk and a team of investors, he led an employee buyout of PacketFront Network Products from the PacketFront Group. PacketFront Network Products AB is now Waystream AB.
Johnny also serves as member of the board in Fiber Access NP Management Intressenter AB.