Nina Bargisen

Nina Bargisen, Network Strategist and Partner Engagement Manager, EMEA for Netflix since August 2013. The Netflix Open Connect group is responsible for delivery of movies and TV shows to over 70 mill members in over 190 countries. Nina takes care of the delivery from the Netflix Open Connect Server to the members and works closely with ISPs as well as internally to secure the optimal delivery for both Netflix and the ISPs. Nina has been part of the peering community for more than a decade both in current role and before when working as Network Planner and Peering coordinator for TDC. She is currently co-chairing the MAT wg at RIPE and has previously been Non-executive Director for LINX and member of the NANOG program committee. Nina has frequently spoken at NANOGs, RIPE Meetings and various Peering Conferences, IXP meeting and Nogs