2 w 1: rozwiązywanie problemów związanych z IPv6 i eksperymenty Go6lab z DANE/DNSSEC/TLS

Many network operators who deal directly with end users are concerned about deploying IPv6. A common complaint often sounds something like: “We deployed IPv6 in our network and all our services, but will not roll it out to our residential customers because our helpdesk knows nothing about it so we can’t do it.” In first part of presentation, Jan Zorz will talk about RIPE-631 document and accompanying online IPv6 troubleshooting tool, that helps operators to enlighten their help desks on how to deal and troubleshoot possible IPv6 issues when user in trouble calls in. While this document cannot encompass all possible problems, it should provide a solid first step for frontline support personnel. In second part of presentation, Jan Zorz will quickly explain how the DNSSEC signing platform was established in Go6Lab and is now used for production part of the network and how DANE for email server was implemented and tested - and how easy it is to do it. Further, we'll have a look in results of testing of some corner cases in DANE that resulted in discovery that standard should be more descriptive. Further on, the presentation explains the result of curiosity "are we alone on the Internet using DANE for verifying remote email server TLS certificate?" - so we sent an email to non-existing email account at top-1million Alexa domains and analysed which ones are DNSSEC signed, using DANE and what sort of TLS certificate they have - trusted or not.