Amaury Guinot
Resolve Systems

Amaury Guinot, Solution Consultant EMEA for Resolve Systems, is driven by the potential of cutting-edge technologies and their demonstrable value to customer engagements. Amaury started his career in networking in 2009 with AT&T as network support engineer for global customer operations, followed by several senior consulting roles at BT and Ipanema Technologies. Amaury’s focus has been on providing FTE500 companies with game changing solutions improving IT and network operations. At Resolve Systems he is focussed on doing that once again. The incident resolution process has seen limited developments since first introduced. Existing solutions are incapable of addressing the full scope of today’s relentless “anytime-everywhere” technological advancements and the type of incidents these bring. Exciting times have arrived and Amaury is keen to introduce EMEA and Poland within it at the PLNOG16 with Resolve – THE system which will accelerate your incident resolution for all types of network incidents.