Dosens of ways of victory - see the attractions on the upcoming PLNOG olympics!

Starting on sunday in the sports bar gathering the best athletes: Champions, where the Before Party is about to be held - it’s a perfect opportunity to get to know other olympians of this years’ PLNOG!

First day:

During the day the olympics will be full of attractions, and among them you’ll get to participate in:

Fussball Championship, coordinated together with CodiLime by professional judges, which is going to take place 10:00-16:00 of the first day of the games

  • PROGRESS BAR, being the space allowing you to master your football and basketball skills
  • Partners Contest, which score will be solved with strong fists
  • Minigolf

A lot more!

The day will be closed in Arco club, where you can attend a show led by pool billard world champion - Łukasz Szywała! It’s also a chance to beat your opponents in bowling championship.

Aftter party 29th of February- Monady.

It’s still not everything, and you will get to know about more when you arrive!

See you this monday!