Important changes in PLNOG Committee

We’re planning some major changes related to the conference - since the 16th edition, PLNOG is going to have a new structure!

The content is going to be selected by Program Committee - which gives us 18 people together, including the already existing Advisory Board. The full fellowship of the committee is going to be elected every winter for a year-long mandate. The committee is going to cosist of the existing Advisory Board, 6 representatives of key partners of the event involved in the development and growth of the conference and strongly supporting the PLNOG initiative. The last 6 people on the committee are going to be selected among you - the community. Everyone can be nominated - irrespectively to their affiliation. We strongly encourage to apply everyone, who feels much involved in the development of the conference and would like not only to shape it, but also actively influence its growth in terms of content.

Become a part of PLNOG Committee!

Be part of our conference and shape the future of the PLNOG. You can do it by filling the registration form and joining the PLNOG Program Committee. Don’t hesitate- this is a true milestone in the history of the conference and very important change for all of us.