Help us to create one of the biggest ICT conference in Poland

We invite you to contribute the creation of PLNOG – one of its kind Polish conference dedicated to telecom networks. The next edition is held on February 29th - March 1st 2016 in Warsaw. All the companies interested in promotion during the event are asked to contact

PLNOG is the Polish Network Operators’ Group, similar to other groups of network operators acting all over the world. Our main goal is facilitating cooperation between network operators and creating best space for sharing knowledge and experience of telecom and IT companies. We accomplish these goals by organizing conferences twice a year, with over 700 attendees each time.

PLNOG attendees

PLNOG conference is dedicated especially to engineers – builders of the modern internet. It is a space for network experts who are highly experienced in network development. But it is also a space where Mentors teach their young students the art of constructing top networks.

We focus on independence

PLNOG conference is not a one-man production. Here, each participant is guaranteed the reliability of knowledge and experience gained from the speakers. Moreover, this meeting is also a platform of sharing ideas between all those people who contribute telecom networks development. High concentration of unconventional thinking makes the PLNOG conference the place where brand new and daring ideas arise. This is how a special community emerges, which is worth supporting.

We are growing!

PLNOG is increasingly popular not only among network devotees from Poland. The conference attracts more and more specialists from all over the world. Thus, our strong intention is to introduce international lecture path to each edition. This allows sharing experiences between specialists respectable and well known in the entire world of telecom networks.

Each edition of the conference is formed with a unique style and éclat, bringing original atmosphere and integration. As we are the organizers, it is extremely important for us to make the attendees feel good at the meetings, to provide perfect conditions for discussion behind the official sessions and to bring them development, not only with traditional forms of presentations and workshops.

The creation of such unique and exceptional conference of the highest class is possible with support of partners. Thus, we invite you to choose one of the specially prepared partnership packages. For this purpose, please feel free to contact