Last 5 days to make the decision - are you ready to join the Program Committee?

Are you ready to take a seat next to Advisory Board and decide about the content of PLNOG meetings this year? Remember, that one of 6 places might be yours! If you feel really involved in the community and think that your input might have a massive value for shaping the agenda of the conference - send your application until February 15th via registration form and become part of PLNOG Program Committee!

We would like to remind you, that this position allows you to do the following:

  • rating the submissions coming from Call for Papers
  • designing and shaping the conference schedule
  • direct supervision of quality of the content

After the nomination round, on February 15th basing on number of votes the first 10 people will be selected to take part in the voting. The final 6 members of the Committee shall be elected during the conference through voting of whole PLNOG community - regardless of your decision about running, don’t forget that you have the right to vote!

You can find the detailed descrpition of selection process in the regulations.


Something you didn’t expect - Olympic Champion joins our stage!

 The main theme of PLNOG has always been something important for us. We’ve already taken you into the world of knights, galactic spaceships, superheroes and gangster movies. Now we take Tech Olympics even more serious - we’ve prepared some relay race, tournaments, sport gadgets and ... Olympic Champion on stage!


Mateusz Kusznierewicz - sailor, Olympic Champion, World and Europe Champion. Best Polish sailor of the XX century. Entrepreneur and promoter of social activities. Founder of the Kusznierewicz Academy. Co-founder of ZOOM.ME. President of the Foundation of Gdansk. Ambassador of Gdansk for the Marine. Experienced trainer and mentor with more than 800 public appearances. He gives lectures on motivation, communication, emotion management and personal development.

What does he has to share with PLNOG16 attendees?

See the abstract of firechat with Mateusz Kusznierewicz and you better write down questions that you will have the opportunity to ask him!


How about PLNOG17?

It’s only 8 days for getting your PLNOG ticket for 999PLN!

Now we would like to offer you even a better deal - if you love PLNOG and you already know, that you will participate in 17th edition in Krakow - you can have tickets for both editions in the price of 1400PLN!

It’s the last deal of this kind - after 12th of February there’s no turning back, so don’t miss it! Make your plans for 26-27th of September, and get the ticket for the lower price for both conferences with the following code:


See you in Warsaw… and in Krakow!



5 reasons to become a part of Program Committee

PLNOG  is coming closer, and until the end of the nomination round there are only two weeks left! Remember, that this year you can become the part of the committee. And why is it worth to do so?

Show, that you know what you are doing

First of all - it’s your chance to be among the best - the Advisory Board gathers top-tier experts in Poland, and by joining it you have an opportunity to collaborate with the real Champions League in the field.

Concrete influence on the conference schedule

By joining the Program Committee it’s you that will shape how the next PLNOG will look like - the Committee is the body, that shapes the conference.

Educating the youth

Thanks to that also students, who join the event will have an opportunity to learn more, creating the next, more aware generation of specialists.

Networking possibilities

It’s worth remembering, that becoming a part of committee is also a great way to get new, meaningful connections.

Freebies :)

Last but not least - don’t forget, that participation in the conference is free for the Committee members :)

Are you convinced now? Learn more in the regulations and fill in the registration form!