Dosens of ways of victory - see the attractions on the upcoming PLNOG olympics!

Starting on sunday in the sports bar gathering the best athletes: Champions, where the Before Party is about to be held - it’s a perfect opportunity to get to know other olympians of this years’ PLNOG!

During the day the olympics will be full of attractions, and among them you’ll get to participate in:

Fussball Championship, coordinated together with CodiLime by professional judges, which is going to take place 10:00-16:00 of the first day of the games

  • PROGRESS BAR, being the space allowing you to master your football and basketball skills
  • Partners Contest, which score will be solved with strong fists
  • Minigolf

A lot more!

The day will be closed in Arco club, where you can attend a show led by pool billard world champion - Łukasz Szywała! It’s also a chance to beat your opponents in bowling championship.

It’s still not everything, and you will get to know about more when you arrive!

See you this monday!


Meet the first candidates for the Program Committee!

Groundbreaking, 16th edition of PLNOG is coming closer - it’s about time to introduce to you part of candidates for PLNOG Program Committee! Counting votes and evaluation of applications is quite a challenge, however we don’t want to leave you uncertain - we proudly present the first five candidates!

Get to know them better and learn more about them:

Andrzej Karpiński

Maciej Lelusz

Mirosław Maj

Sebastian Pasternacki

Piotr Wojciechowski

Look out for announcement of the other half of candidates next week, and in the meantime - think what would you ask the candidates about during the Q&A session on the conference!


Time to announce the first track!

PLNOG is taking place in less than 2 weeks - it’s about time to reveal the whole content of the conference, isn’t it? We’re proud to present the all-new, balanced educational track.

We’re going to cover the following topics:

  • Building access network - “first mile” - access technologies (xTTH, xPON, 802.11 and derivatives, GSM). Protocols, good practices
  • Constructing a Carrier Ethernet network - access and aggregation. Architecture, protocols, good practices
  • IP/MPLS for Fixed and Mobile Convergence - Raisecom approach in design IP/MPLS on access level, including legacy services as well as synchronisation.
  • IOS XR – presenting more than decade of development and innovations in this technology
  • VPN services for operator clients based on MPLS (L2VPN, L3VPN)
  • Will all network operators become programmers?
  • Building services - how to construct DC
  • Mechanisms fullfilling the services for operators’ clients - QoS, multicast, video

...And this is only the beginning! Keep up during the following week - we’re about to reveal more details soon!

See the trailer of upcoming PLNOG!


Royal Jack - voting for the best speaker of PLNOG16!

Time ofr another surprise: this year we’re going to rate our best speakers - for the first time on PLNOG the best speaker is going to be awarded with special honors and the statuette of Royal Jack!

It’s worth fighting for, since the speaker awarded with this title except the honors is going to be rewarded with the wild card allowing him to perform at next PLNOG!

Additionally, this title can be granted only once - after all PLNOG community is full of loyal, regular guests.

About the voting details we’re about to inform you soon. We encourage you to actively evaluate the speakers performance - let’s see, who deserves the biggest award of this gathering!